ACRO mode questions

Hi again,

Is it possible to fly around inverted with ACRO mode, and will a full negative collective stick dis-arm the Pixhawk in ACRO.

I assume the ACRO_BAL pitch and roll functions would not be a good thing inverted.


Flew it yesterday evening and played with the ACRO mode a little bit. I and from stabilize to ACRO a few times. The heli seemed very sensitive to the collective position was when switching from stabilize to ACRO. One time the Heli jumped down, another time it jumped up. It responds to the collective, but feel disconnected or delayed in the reaction.

any ideas.


Hi Bobby,

Yes, you can fly inverted in Acro, but I wouldn’t use FULL negative collective for too long as I believe it will eventually disarm, but this would take several seconds.

I have greatly improved the response of the helicopter when switching from Acro to Stabilize, the collective moves more smoothly from one mode to the other. This will be available when AC3.3 is released.

Yes, you probably want to set all the Acro Bal functions to 0, I normally do.