ACRO_BAL_ROLL / PITCH parameter error

I set my copter up to do auto tuning this morning, when I got to the field and was preparing for my first flight I started getting an error on ACRO_BAL_ROLL and ACRO_BAL_PITCH. they were both set to 1.0 and as far as I know I never made any changes to them. It will not arm unless they are both set to 0.0. What is the default parameter for these? What else could be causing this error? I suppose I could reflash it but I do not want to go through the configuration process all over again.

I decided to reflash the Arducopter 2.8, the problem did not go away. I was finally able to set them both to 0.1, the warning message went away and I am now able to arm it.

Thanks in advance