ACRO_BAL_PITCH/ROLL after autotune procedure

Hello to all,

After an autotune procedure on a 30" hexarotor, I ended up with the following error:
The parameters ACRO_BAL_PITCH and ACRO_BAL_ROLL are set to 1 (you can set it from 0 to 3). I changed it to 0.5 and the error disappeared.
After reading the description of the parameter, I saw that it has an impact on the ACRO and SPORT modes. But after changing this parameter, the drone did not behave at all the same close to the ground and it was impossible for me to land it without breakage because it was totally unstable.
Is it possible that this is due to the modification of this parameter?
Why did I get this error message?
What is the purpose of this parameter?

Thanks a lot!

Auto Tune doesn’t adjust this parameter. Set it back to 1. Did you load another parameter file before running Auto Tune perhaps? I have never changed this parameter. Perhaps Trade Heli guys do.

Thanks for your answer.
I know that the autotune does not affect this parameter but I did not have the Pre Arm error “ACRO_BAL_PICTH/ROLL” before the Auto Tune… When I switched it to 0.5, error desappears.

I did not load any other parameter file before Auto Tune but I saved the parameters before and after Auto Tune. Here is the comparison between the two files :

Left side is before Auto Tune