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Access and process video of Bebop 2 drone before transmission

(Vishal Dey) #1

Hello all. I’m working on the Bebop 2 drone and I wanted to try Ardupilot. But I see there are no libs for accessing video or camera modules for bebop 2. So using ardupilot, is it possible to access raw video frames and then process it and then transmit it as usual?

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(learn) #2

Did you find any useful information?

(julienberaud) #3

please see Bebop2 Video stream

(Joe Gammon) #4

i im new here so not sure if im in right place but i have a problem with my bebop 2 and wondering if anyone can help .imy camera doesnt stream it stays black it happened i think just after the 4.7.1 update .since ive reset my bebop 2 also downgraded firmware upgrading firmware etc i ended up buying another bebop but that also has lost camera even my mate from down street he one is doing the same theres little or no help available not even hints on hpw to fix this issue can anyone help pleeeeeeease

(julienberaud) #5

Here is the Ardupilot forum. For questions about Parrot’s official firmware, please use Parrot’s forums.