Accelerometer not working

I’ve got a Cube Orange multirotor build. After the basic setup and calibration it performed the maiden flight correctly. But in the second attempt, due to the pilot, it received a considerable crash with the groung. After that, one of its three acceleromenters (number 2) apparently stopped working, only in the X axis. No matter which rotation I place the multirotor, it always shows the same reading. Images attached.

Since then the Cube Orange doesn’t allow arming, it marks an EKF error. I tried reinstalling the firmware from scratch but in the accelerometer calibration step MissionPlanner marks an error, so the calibration can not be completed.

How can I solve this? Is it possible to completely disable that accelerometer and only use the remaining two?

Thanks in advance for your help.

You can set an imu mask to set what imus are used but a fault like this is usually a sign of deeper issues, I wouldnt fly it on anything expensive.

I would download the .bin file and look how severe the impact was. If it was really bad it may have done damage to sensor.

  • I also wouldn’t fly with a FC that may have been compromised.
    …unless it was a low cost drone you don’t mind if it crashes.