Accelerometer Calibration Timeout

I wouldn’t say that yet. HolyBro thinks the same target as the V1 is valid as they have a link to it. The betaflight version of firmware seems to be the same also (in the Configurator). And worst case someone can create a target version for that board if there is enough interest. I know this has come up before (recently) but I don’t recall the outcome. So hang on…

This would imply it was resolved:

Yeah they are identical in BF, so I think it should be fine


Yes, i always checked the box to erase the chip data, so the previous flash should have been erased in each case.

I would suspect a hardware issue also, except for the fact that this ship flew just a few days ago when I had Betaflight installed. It just wasn’t tuned very well at all, and I felt like i would struggle to get a good tune on it because it is so big (650mm). More importantly, I realized that Betaflight doesn’t support many of the GPS and altitude holding functions I want to use, so that’s why i want to get Ardupilot on there.

I have to ask - can you double-check the firmware you flashed with BF? Also might be worth trying to flash the KakuteF7Mini in the same way - it’s not what you want, but might tell us whether there is a hwdef.dat config problem going on. What is INS_ENABLE_MASK set to?

i will make extra, triple, super-duper sure tonight, but I have been downloading this file:

Also, to be clear the FC I have is the Kakute F7 AIO v1.5…that is different than the mini, right?

I will check what value is currently set for INS_ENABLE_MASK today and post results.

Any chance this could be a driver-related issue? I have a Mac I could use instead of my Windows10 PC, i understand the requisite drivers are preloaded on apple operating systems.

Hmm. On the Holybro website they don’t have a link to Arducopter for the AIO version of that board but they do for the non-AIO version (V1.5 both). But I don’t see a difference with regards to what we are talking about here.

just redownloaded that firmware file, again, this time to my desktop so i was 100% certain I had the correct one. Flashed it via Betaflight 10.4 and connected to Mission Planner. No change when i went to the HW ID screen.

I then went to the terminal and hit “connect”, and it got stuck in a loop of some sort. Looks like this, with a recurring Barometer driver error.

Terminal is a lost appendage of Mission Planner. Update Mission Planner to latest Beta (from Help screen) and see what that gives you (Terminal will be gone).

ok, on it now. Also, to answer andyp1per’s questions about INS_ENABLE_MASK: that is currently set to 127.

Updated MP to the beta version, and Terminal is gone. Rechecked the HW ID page and it looks the same, and INS_ENABLE_MASK is still 127.

Also, i’ll say that the MissionPlanner.exe file is still running in a command prompt window, and it appears to be saying the same thing: “BARO failure, unable to initialize driver”

About out of ideas. Restart Mission Planner and connect to the board and post a screen shot of the messages screen after it connects. This one:


hot damn i think i’ve got it. How do these look?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in business!!! Thank you for all the help! Working through the first time setup guide now.

As I go to set up the radios, any gotchas i should be watching out for using a Taranis X9d+ 2019 TX with the full-size Crossfire Diversity?

What was the solution?

I reflashed it using iNav, and then I was reading about the barometer on the Kakute. Apparently that is NOT powered by USB, only battery. And if you want the FC board to recognize it you have to plug the battery in, let the board boot up, and then plug it
into USB. I think when I had used the battery earlier I had either done it in the wrong order (USB then battery), or more likely done it in the right order, but too fast. Either way it works now and I’ve got almost everything configured!

Only think I need to do now to make it work is figure out how to get the radio to talk to Mission Planner. I’m running a Taranis with the full sized crossfire module and I must have a setting wrong in MP because I’m not seeing any green bars. This should
be a much easier problem to solve! Lol

very true. glad you got it figured out.