Accelerometer calibration question

This is my first TradHeli build so some things are new to me…
As @ChrisOlson suggested (in one of his posts) the accel calibration can be done with the FC not on the heli so I opted for it but I have a question about it.
My FC will be installed on the left side of the Heli so it’s AHRS orientation will be Roll 270.
Does it mean that when calibrating my level position is Roll 270 (and the others are relative to it), or should I perform the calibration as usual and ArduCopter will take care of it based on the AHRS orientation.


You can do it one of two ways:

  1. Set the AHRS orientation first and calibrate it on the bench making the required compensation in the position of the unit during the cal
  2. Calibrate it as normal on the bench and set the AHRS orientation to actual after installation.

It won’t matter.

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I actually supposed it was like that but wanted to make sure.
Better to ask than regret…
Thanks for your great support!