Accel Calibration Fail


I am new in this community. Yesterday I bought a cube black and install 4.0.1 firmware. I made accel setting but I think something wrong. I lie the cube left, mission planer and QGC shows lie right. I lie the cube right, mission planer and QGC shows lie left. Is it normal or How can I fix this?

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After starting Accel calibration. first place the vehicle perfectly level & click any key. Then do what GCS asks. After all is done, point the vehicle’s front at the computer screen & roll it right, the HUD will tilt left & vice versa.

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I do what you say and nothing change. I watched alot of videos about accel calibration. Every video say same thing. I did it meticulously as a whole. I used water gauge. Nothing change. Even I tried making accel calibration wrong (QGC say lean left I lean right) but nothing change

“I do what you say and nothing change.”
Can you explain it a little more ?
Can you complete the calibration process ?

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Yes I complete the calibration process three times, two different computer and three diffrent firmware. (ardusub, ardurover and arducopter). 2 week ago I completed the calibration process with pixhawk 2.4.8 clone. There were no problem. I tried to re-calibrate the 2.4.8 then also its wrong

P.S: sorry my bad english.

Hey don’t feel sorry.
If I understand it correctly, If you tilt the FC RIGHT, the HUD is tilting LEFT. Is this your problem ?.
If not, describe your problem or Make a small video of the problem, upload it somewhere & post the link here. Some experts will help.

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Yes You understand right. When the flight control card facing the screen I tilt FC right HUD is Tilt Left.

OK, Don’t worry,You have done it right. Go ahead with the build.

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Really. is it normal? Should I not put the flight control card facing the screen?

At first I thought I had the same problem, But then I realized that in the HUD, the Ground(green) is tilting the opposite of the craft. Which is correct behavior.

In the HUD, the craft stays level on screen, and the ground/air rotates the opposite direction you tilt the pixhawk.

Maybe you are mixing this up like I did?


Sure it’s normal.

Tips for using the Flight Data screen

  • The map will only show current position when you have GPS lock or are using a flight simulator
  • Remember how artificial horizons work: when the aircraft tilts to the right, the horizon tilts to the left. (Just tilt your head and you’ll see what I mean). This is normal! Please don’t tell us it’s reversed.
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