Acc Not in Allignment

I have noticed a time or two this situation where the X and Y accel traces have an offset.

Why might this happen?

I tend to expect the x and y accelerometer traces to be centered around zero… puzzled.

I attached the bin and here is a snapshot of the graph.

As no one else has replied, I am going to take a stab at answering this…you clearly have some vibrations. Perhaps x vibrations, movement to the left is positive and right is negative (or left is negative), and in y vibration forward is positive and backward is negative. So your pixhawk is vibrating forward and left or something along those lines. Just a thought. Find the cause of the vibrations, and it will go away!

I just looked at your logs. Comparing Barometer altitude with gps relative altitiude…its not good. I would suggest fixing the vibrations before using loiter or alt hold or any other autopilot function until you work this problem out, otherwise its either going to take off on you or drop out of the sky.