AC3.5-rc4 PID schematics STABILIZE (simplified)


I want to adapt the ArduCopter code for implementing some changes in the PID arcitecture for my own project and therefore I needed the original scheme. But these are not readily available, so I build the schematics from examining the code myself and want to share them with you.

The following schematics is only for the stabilize mode with the advanced features not included (mostly feedforward turned off):
_accel_rp_max = 0
_accel_y_max = 0
_rate_bf_ff_enabled = 0
smoothing_gain = 1

You can find the schematics here as the image is to large for this forum: … 0.jpg?dl=0

I also recommend looking at this page at the same time while examining my PID schematics: … control-2/

This is a first version and for some there might be too much (or little) info, but I will adapt them in the near future. I will start soon on the full version, but I wanted to start with the simplified version first to get myself acquainted with the code and get some feedback from you.

I tried to follow the template of the old AC2.9 schematics I found: ( … d-alt-hold)

I would like some feedback on this. Faults or other remarks are welcome.

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Update: I’ve got the full schematics done.
Link above not working anymore. Working links: see below.

Stabilize PIDs without feedforward and smoothing gain: … n.JPG?dl=0
Stabilize PIDs with feedforward and smoothing gain: … n.JPG?dl=0
Althold PIDs: … s.JPG?dl=0

Excel with the default values used in Arducopter and in my schematics: … s.pdf?dl=0

Hoping for some feedback!


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Dear jverbeke
I am doing the same thing as you did right now.
I want to check the full schematics your done.
However, the links is broken. could you re-upload or share them ??

best regards