AC3.5.4 make for pixracer stabilization problem

Hello !

I tried to build AC3.5.4 on windows with the px4console, using the command make px4-v4 in the arducopter folder. However when I upload it on my drone and try to take-off, the drone oscillate a lot and I can’t take-off.
So I tried to download AC3.5.4 directly in mission planner and there was no problem, the drone could take-off and fly normally.

Any ideas as to why would the build on my computer makes these oscillations ? I did not make any modifications on the code.

Thank you very much for your help

Update :
I did the same on another quadcopter with another pixracer. Upload AC3.5.4 and wors fine, no oscillations. I then uploaded AC3.5.4 built from my computer and then huge oscillations, impossible to fly. I uploaded AC3.5.4 again and it worked fine.

Update 2 : I tried to only clone the AC3.4 branch and then make it on my computer to see if there was any improvement using an old version but this did not help, the quad keep being unstable/sluggish. I can’t see what could be the error during my make leading to such unstabilities…

Update 3 : I had the default PID values that worked well when I uploaded the released AC3.5.4 but I tried to update PID values in order to improve the situation. I did the recommended steps to find best pid values but it seems like the copter is very sensible and there are no stable values, its seems always unstable…

Seems like its not the pixracer since the problem keeps being the same on two configurations. Maybe the PID values are modified by the version of AC3.5.4 built from my computer ?

PS : I had already successfully uploaded a previous version of AC, before 3.5, I don’t remember the exact version, built on my computer, that worked normally.

Thank you again

Well I finally made the firmware on ubuntu with waf and the copter was stable. I probably had a problem with make on windows with the px4console.