ac3.2 -> ac3.1.5

Hello !

I have a big problem with my Hexacopter. I have an original APM2.6 with the 3DR External Mag&GPS module and after hitting a tree I decided to also upgrade the firmaware. Now I can’t even lift it 1cm above ground. Once I get to 25-30% throttle the copter flips upside down. I tried changing the motors - same result. Changed the ESCs - again same result. The front motors (I’m using a X-Hexa) only spin according to the throttle input from the RC, they never try to adjust the atitude.

I want to go back to 3.1.5 to see if it’s a software problem. Any idea where I can download the AC3.1.5 hex file for a hexacopter? The MP only provides the AC3.2 and a tone of AR versions. It doesn’t provide the older versions any more.

Try here