AC3.1-RC5 Autotune

Hi Chaps

Just plucked up the courage to do autotune :slight_smile: Process went well, but Iโ€™m very surprised with the results. I have 880KV motors and a locust FPV frame with 10x4.7 props. Quad flies nicely with 0.14 Rate_p but autotune decided .0065 was a better value! Flies like a itโ€™s had one too many whiskeys!! :laughing:

I had a similar result with a 70cm quad with 390kV motors / 15x5.5 props.
I do, however, have still massive vibration problems and I suppose, that could be a reason.

no vibration issues on my side. Maybe autotune still needs a bit more tuning :slight_smile:

Seems like it is a vibration issue, thanks