AC_ROLLPITCHTUNING not working 3.5.0 rc5

Status : Mission planner 1.3.48 latest and copter 3.5.0 rc5

Found something weird.

I’m trying to do roll/pitch tuning PH by using potentiometer on ch6 (description here : … I’m using JETI, all other functions fine. Starting point for settings is default 0,135 P.
When going up with the poti by one click (6% servo) it jumps up to 0.2, when going one down (-6%) is jumps down to 0,08.
Even weird : going back to center (0%) NO CHANGE (not going back to 0,135) … I simply don’t get it where I am going wrong here. Is something wrong with the code here ?

Besides that : Refresh of MissionPlanner takes several seconds and I have to be very patient here …

Just talked to a colleague … He is not on beta … there is all fine …

Is there any idea floating around ?

Many thx,



If you could provide a dataflash log that would be great. My guess is that there’s an issue with how the TUNE_HIGH and TUNE_LOW parameters are set on the problem vehicle. I think that if you compare them with the colleagues working vehicle you’ll see a difference. That’s just a guess of course.

Hey !

The solution was more than simple. Being new to PH I didn’t realize, that recalibrating switches etc is mandatory. So I did it and now it works flawlessly.

Many thx