Ac Copter 4.5.3 pixhawk6C Crash Internal error 0x3000


Last day I experienced flight crash, all motor turning off together @t same time causing the crash and once on the ground re motor turning tht cause all props to brake…

I get chance as the UAV make that @t one meter height.

After check the logs I don’t have any explanation, only ERROR 0X3000…
In the log you can see motors output going to zero and returning to normal output in 200ms…

also the log saved all data, we can see the chute on the logs.
We can see vcc power 5V perfect.

We see also the main battery voltage going up and down…following the current draw during the crash.

On the ground battery was connected, but UAV like off.

Inside all is normal… and working…

I canot share all the logs, but I can give you print screen of data you want to see.

Hi, this is an IOMCU failure - do you have a log for the failure you can share?

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This feels like a power issue, so it’s a good call to analyze the board voltage. You can anonymize the log with Mission Planner (Ctrl-F to get the expanded options window).

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This error is not related to power.

On the print screen shared you can see power 5v to 5v all long and the main battery powered all long….

You see that motors pwm out goes to zero and restart sending signals….

Without a log you are on your own.

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I just sent out the log,
please take it there:
log crash ac453 pix6C.log

You had a large brownout on Vcc - the IOMCU won’t be able to function with this voltage. You should check your power train.

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why IOMC reset before the brownout?

I think you are just seeing scheduling delays in the logging

Ok, so I will remake flight with this ap but I will check all the lines and change the 5v regulator