AC 4.1.2 Fence Total count mismatch

I was uploaed fence on AC4.1.2 … totally created 4 polygon points and created genfence using fence inclusion.

But in in full parameter list Fence_ Total = 6 .

How could it possible while 4 points uploaded.

It set larger by 2 by the ardupilot code for compatibility reasons. As the code says.

    // this may be completely bogus total.  If we are storing an
    // advanced fence then the old protocol which relies on this value
    // will error off if the GCS tries to fetch points.  This number
    // should be correct for a "compatible" fence, however.
    uint16_t new_total = 0;
    if (total_vertex_count < 3) {
        new_total = 0;
    } else {
        new_total = total_vertex_count+2;
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And I think some fence upload issues have been fixed in 4.1.3-rc2