AC 3.4 RC5 results

Frame TBS Discovery, Esc DYS SN20A (BLHeli), Pixhawk Lite
Esc refresh set to 400Hz, Esc type=2 (one shot 125)


  1. Calibration painful, worked after 5 tries
  2. One or two motors doesn’t start after arming, 2nd try usually works, thr increased to 0.15 but not helpful, looks like there is a problem with esc init, they beeps after few seconds after pressing button and not same time
  3. Autotune first try with terrbile results, after reset next one was much better.

Will recheck soon with RC6


Thanks for testing in any case. A few questions:

  1. The painful calibration was a compass calibration?
  2. are you using OneShot ESCs? Have you ever used them before successfully on other versions of Copter?

Sorry for not being precise

  1. Esc calibration was painflul

  2. I’m using same Escs in my 200mm copter with betaflight and they work without any issues. So for sure oneshot125 isn’t fully working.

  3. I forgot to add sudden altitude jumps (30 - 50 cm) in alt hold mode.