AC 3.4.4 not controlling gimbal in octo-quad and octo

I have been troubleshooting my gimbal control not functioning on channels above 8. I thought it might be a Mission Planner configuration problem but it appears it is a firmware problem and it was introduced at 3.3.0.

Pixraptor with 3.4.4 firmware Octo coaxial
No gimbal control works

Install 3.4.4 quad
Safety switch disabled (or not)
Brd_safety bitmask disabled ( or set to 32768)
All aux outputs set to PWM (6)
Gimbal setup page RCin6 tilt, RCin7 roll, RCin8 pan
RCout Tilt 6, Rcout7 roll Rcout8 pan. GImbal controls on Motor 6,Motor 7 and Motor 8
Everything works

Change Rcout Tilt 9, RCout Roll 10, RCout Pan 11, switch gimbal controls to aux 1, aux2, aux3 from Motor 6, Motor 7 Motor 8.
Everything works
Change Mnt_RC_IN_Tilt =9, MNT_RC_IN_Roll = 10, MNT_RC_IN_PAN =11
Everything Works
Load Octo coaxial firmware
ReCal radio
Check settings remain as before, They are same settings.
Nothing Works.

Troubleshooting further I installed Quad 3.4.4 and got the gimbal working on the ch9,ch10,ch11.
I then installed Octo-quad 3.4.4. Recal’ed the Radio and nothing works.
I then restored Quad 3.4.4 and ReCl’ed the radio and everything works.
I then installed Hex 3.4.4 and reccal’ed the radio and everything works.
I then installed Octo 3.4.4 and recal’ed and nothing works.

Replaced hardware with “Pixhawk” 2.4.8
Same exact results.

Went back in firmware to 3.2.1 where it works with octo-quad. Then marched up 3.3.3, causes the gimbal to drive to extreme edges of its travel and freeze there. At 3.4.4 it simply sits there and there is apparently no output.

At all tests my Radio control on ch9,10,11 is being recognized by Mission Planner.

It sure appears to be a bug.


I would think it would be desirable to solve a problem that affects octo camera platforms. I believe I have well documented the problem. There have been no comments correcting my procedure so this must be a bug. It would be nice if there was just an acknowledgment icon to flag a report like this as acknowledged, even if there is no time to work on it.

Appears to function again in 3.5rc1 but having difficulties getting angle limits to work.