Ac 3.3.3 battery failsafe

i tryed autotune on last weekend and after 14 min the pixhawk trigerd RTL
i dont think the autotune finished even pitch .
my setup:
6s 10000ma
and failsafe was set to 21.6
and reserved current to 2000ma
when i checked each cell on landing they were 3.8-3.9 so i dont understand why RTL trigerd
what sort of file shoud i export from MP to get help on this issue ?
and why is take so long to autotune just one axis ?

As you use the battery the internal resistance starts to go up. This will cause a battery voltage drop under load of a couple of volts. I have a battery with over 400 flights on it and it drops below 3 volts per cell. After the flight I will check it and it will read 3.7 volts per cell. Can’t use this battery anymore with heavy loads.

The flight controller logs will show the battery drop as you put it under load.


the battery is brand new 30c 10000ma
but it oprates all the setup:
tarot 650 sport
3 axis gimbal+mobios cam

We will need to see the flight controller log to see what’s going on.