AC 3.2 RC1 and RC2 AUTO mode issue

Hi, I have a strange issue with 3.2rc2 on both pixhawk and apm2.6 in a tri frame.
With 3.2 RC2 both loiter, hybrid, rtl modes work great.
But in AUTO mode, copter flies really slow and bumpy towards the waypoint (pitch direction). It feels like something would always stop acceleration.

On this screenshot this behaviour can be clearly seen from desired picth value: … sp=sharing
The full log can be found here: … sp=sharing
This is my parameters file (in case I missed something…?!): … sp=sharing

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I tried 3.2-rc2 and noticed the exact same thing. I went to V3.1.5 and all is smooth again. This was with an APM 2.5. Apparently the logic that accelerates and decelerates a quad has a bug in it.

I can confirm that accelerations and quick stops in loiter are excellent.

That’s why it’s a beta version - LOL!


This is a known issue.
Unless you are a developer working on the code or a sophisticated user specifically testing some aspect of the flight code you are not recommended to fly release candidates.
As I said in another post earlier today we do appreciate foolish users willing to sacrifice their aircraft while finding bugs provided they provide us with log files. Thank you.