About without-GPS flight with Copter 3.5.3

Hi there,

I didn’t know who to ask for help so I turn to here
I want a simple, manual flight without gps such as:

  • Take off, climb to 100m alt. (via barometer)
  • Fly north @10m/hr for 10 sec. (via airspeed sensor + compass)
  • Descend to 5m (via barometer)
  • Wait 15 sec
  • Climb to 100m again and fly to south for 10 sec at 10 m/hr (return to original coordinates)

Is such none-GPS flight possible by using only sensor data? Or how do you think I can manage this with copter v3.5.3?

I’m curious to hear your ideas. Thanks in advance.

By using only standard onboard sensors (accels&gyros) you will never return to the exact original location because of wind. Even a small wind will affect your copter.
There could be a lot of ideas how to do this with additional hardware and software.