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Friend, thanks for the tips, today I tested in F.3.3.0 in open area and the modes really activate, I just need a few tips on direction. see, in the beginning the rover was spinning in circles not many big, 4 meters radius, then tried to change some things and the same does not go in the right direction, in AUTO or RTL, it kind of turns 180 degrees and goes straight . Can you help me to set these parameters ??? I just need this for him to do what I need, please. I created in the forum a topic but no one answered.


Hello. good news that Auto at least activated.

I can definitely help you with tuning. I just need to see a dataflash log.

I don’t actually see your post anywhere. I guess you created a new topic in the “Rover 3.3” category?

friend Yes. new topic in 3.3.0. a doubt. if you start the tests in defaut mode should everything run at least normal ??? I think to zero everything and start without changing anything to see what happens. What advice? I’ll arrange the log.

Prof Stephan,

It may help to reset all parameters and do the calibration again but it really depends upon what the problem is. If you get me a log, I’m more confident I can help.

Dear friend,

I thank the attention and answers, both you and others in the forum, because today I was able to solve my problem and the rover worked 100%. I calibrated the bussola and followed the parameters informed on the site to rover and it worked, is performing the mission correctly, and coming back. Thank you so much for the help.

ARDUROVER 3.3.0 100%

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Great! I love seeing these kinds of videos, thanks!

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Prior to using 3.4 (running 3.2), at close to zero throttle, my skid steer rover pivoted on the spot when turning i.e the two drive wheels turned in opposite directions. Since uploading 3.4 (same config) I have not been able to restore this behavior. Is there a new setting I am missing? In addition, at low throttle levels it can get ‘confused’ when turning and exhibit jerky movement.

@jimovonz, probably best if we open a new thread for this instead of putting it into the, “About the Rover 3.3/3.4 category” thread… in that new thread can you provide a log file?

the “confused” thing is probably because the throttle is becoming negative. it’s possible to make the vehicle always turn in the same direction regardless of whether the throttle is positive or negative by modifying the PILOT_STEER_TYPE parameter.

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