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As mentioned here

When I add MAV_CMD_PAUSE_CONTINUE in the auto mission list, it says it is an invalid command, skipping and resuming the mission without interrupting.

But still the pull request was closed.

In Mode Auto source file I can see why it happens.

In the release file says

c) Auto and Guided support pausing (uses DO_PAUSE_CONTINUE mavlink command)

Am I interpreting wrong the situation? Or is it not fully supported?


Txs for the report. I think the confusion comes from the difference between mission commands and mavlink commands (I sometimes call these “immediate commands”). They can use the same command but they’re normally sent differently. So a mission command is put in the mission list and is executed in Auto mode. A mavlink command is normally sent by the pilot by pushing a button on the ground station.

I don’t think we have any ground stations that have the appropriate button though.

I don’t think it makes sense to have this do-pause-continue in the mission command list. Instead it would make sense to use NAV_DELAY (which already exists).

In our use case, I really want it to Pause and wait for user input to continue. So I don’t know how much time I should delay the mission.

It is fully supported.
You can send the command anytime you like from GCS.
It is not working when adding to the mission list because it is intended that way, it does not stop the mission state machine but the position controller.

It will work for your case.
If you have the latest mavproxy, just type pause and then resume, if not, it is explained in my PRs in here and here.
Pause/resume logic overwritten by failsafe though, so when the vehicle’s mode switched to RTL for some FS reason, it comes back to home.
Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

Maybe I was not clear.
The sequence is:

  • Go to Waypoint autonomously
  • Pause and Wait for user intervention (fine adjustment)
  • User tells the drone to continue
  • Repeat


How about using LOITER_UNLIMITED? I think this should have the same effect because it will never finish the mission item so it will take some kind of external input to get it to move along to the next command.

Oh OK, got it.
You don’t need this.
What you need is MAV_CMD_NAV_LOITER_UNLIM.
When the vehicle reached to destination, send MAV_CMD_DO_SET_MISSION_CURRENT with the next waypoint index.
If you’re using dronekit-python it will be something like vehicle.commands.next += 1.


Thank you both!
It did work like we want it. Sorry for the confusion.


Just to mention:
I have some issues tunning arducopter 4.2.0

mostly, i cant find de right pid parameters.
the behavior feels diferent from 4.1.5 and previus versions.
Yaw and vertical behavior its more notorius

Finally, with 3 attemps that include reflashing cube orange, copy old good tune parameters from 4.1.5, start tunning from scratch, etc… i decided downgrade to 4.1.5 and fly flawless

@rmackay9 wrote a message to you, can you please take a look?


Thank you for not answering.



Good morning, with version 4.2.3 on pixhawk 4 2.4.8 I have this problem: setting a grid flight the drone does not respect the speed I set; (example 2 m / s and instead flies at 9 m / s). I have the screenshot of the flight plan and the flight log. How can I upload it here? Thank you