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About the ArduPilot Lua Scripting category

ArduPilot has introduced support for Lua scripting. Scripting provides a safe, “sandboxed” environment for new behaviours to be added to the autopilot without modifying the core flight code. Scripts are stored on the SD card and run in parallel with the flight code.

This category is for users and developers to share and discuss Lua scripting in ArduPilot.
To use scripting, you’ll need a flight controller with 2MB of flash.
Start here: for an overview and setup guide.
Sample scripts are here:


Nice to see a dedicated area for this. Thanks guys

I have been trying to play a little bit with lua scripting on my black cube but once i enable it, it does all kind of strange stuff. Probably F7, H7 boards are minimum to safely use lua?
For example, if i enable scripting on my black cube i get “already got param” going forever when i try to connect it to MP. Maybe i should disable something on it but all there is loaded now it is needed.


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