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About OpenMV Cam H7 Plus Optical Sensor, need advice

I am about to order high quality Optical Sensor, and currently consider two brands : Here optical flow sensor and OpenMV Cam H7 Plus . I have checked documentation of the OpenMV but can not find the high end model: OpenMV Cam H7 Plus. This advance model has higher Image sensor and several types of I/O connection such as I2C and Can. Anybody has experience with this advance optical sensor ? I need advice/recommendation please. Thank you…

For opticalflow, I still recommand the px4flow with a TFMINI rangefinder as it offer better distance and accuracy. As for openMV, it depends on the use case, thisi is a great smart camera system for experiments and yes it can be used as an opticalflow as well, but it is lacking resolution for heavy lifting.

I guess you saw this:

Hi @ppoirier,
Thank you for your response. The problem when using the PX4Flow vers.1.3 is, that when I use Win10 , it does not really compatible. I have problem to connect PX4Flow with Win10, even thought I have followed all instructions as in the documentation. In device manager of Win10 shows the PX4Flow but it has marking that it does not work. However when I uninstalled this PX4Flow and restart the PC, mission planner can connect to the device but in the Px4Flow tab menu there is no camera display (just nothing).
This is strange. Then when I connect with QGC, it works well… Do I miss something in MP ?

About the new OpenMV , in fact it has higher resolution than the PX4Flow . OpenMv Can 7 Plus has 5 MPixels sensor, so I really want to test it, but I don’t know whether it is compatible with Ardupilot… Any advice from experts here.?

Hello @ppoirier,
Would you mind to give advice on this issues above? Appreciate for any advice…
Thank you.


Look to me like a win10 driver issue, I posted an updated link to driver on this forum but I cannot find it,

Hi @ppoirier ,
Thank you for your response. I did down load the Win10 driver according to the document. Is there any other link/source of this driver? Tks.

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