About custom overlay in MP map (Metashape tiles, GeoServer WMS etc.)

we are using custom GeoTIFF via GeoServer to enhance the MissionPlanner map and get referenced images on the map.
We’re using Agisoft Photoscan/Metashape and importing GeoTIFF to our own GeoServer.
This implies that when using “WMS custom”, only our own images from GeoServer are shown, and no basemap (eg. Google Hybrid).
On the other side, importing to MissionPlanner directly the GDAL tiles generated via Metashape result in an error, as for some reason, Metashape doesn’t correctly tag the image corners with WGS84 coordinates, but with mere (0, 256) numbering.
Now would it be possible to
A) get multiple layers in MissionPlanner, with GeoServer on top of Google Maps? (this would be primary option for versatility)
B) fix the tiles output of Metashape to tag images correctly in order to be recognized by GDAL importer in MP?

We’re interested in implementing this ourself and push changes upstream if this is not already WIP, or to donate to get it implemented in a reasonable timeframe.

Looking forward to your opinions!