About Ardupilot for Bebop 1

Being a JAVA / C developer and having acquired a Bebop 1 drone lately I would like to ask you a few questions :
1_ I visited the ardupilot site on the supported board page http://ardupilot.org/dev/index.html I see only the Bebop 2, what about the version 1?

2_ If I upload the firmware of ardupilot, I could no longer use the FreeFlight 3 application, but can I backtrack by resetting the original firmware? Or is it irreversible?

3_ Can we hope that the original code of Bebop1 will become Open Source?

Hi Nassim,

  1. Instructions for Bebop 1 are at http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/building-for-bebop-on-linux.html I can’t promise they are updated though, it is very possible Parrot has updated the firmware and these instructions are outdated

  2. Yes, you can’t use the FreeFlight application. You can go back to the Parrot autopilot.

  3. If by original code you mean the code done by Parrot, then no, I don’t expect them to open-source it anytime.

Thank you for your answer, where to download the original firmware ?

You only need the original firmware if you install that special version - and even then it should still work, it’s just an official version; given the version it has, you can probably update it using the FreeFlight app. For the firmware download, check the Parrot website, it should be there.

I’ll clarify that ArduPilot doesn’t replace the Parrot firmware, it only replaces the Parrot autopilot software. The Parrot firmware is an entire OS, together with their autopilot software - you simply stop their autopilot from starting and install ArduPilot as a normal app.

Ok thanks, now its more clear.