Abort Mission

Sorry, newb here. Is there a way to abort a mission and take control of your quad when you see the mission has gone terribly wrong? Believe me I’m asking because it has happened :blush: . Thanks in advance!

How about going from the Auto Mode to the Manual Mode to take manual control of the aircraft?

Thanks for the reply! But, I’m using the Android Droidplanner 3 (aka Tower) and I’m going from memory and I don’t remember manual being in the drop down, so if it is I’ll use that. If anyone can take a look and knows that option isn’t available, what do you use?

The manual mode you would want is Stabilize. If you don’t have your transmitter handy (which you should!) then switch into Loiter instead.

I’ve tried both of those and noted that you better be ready to take control quickly if you change your mode to stabilize and if your mission has gone badly because of a loss of GPS signal, loiter will not work well but you do have more time to recover. However, it seems like the software still has some control that is why I was wondering if you could just abort the mission and gain full control.