Abnormally mission following


I’m trying to find the problem that plane abnormally follow mission line(following the picture)

GPS Sats - 31~32
Hdop - 0.9

It sometimes pop up “GPS unhealthy” so I don’t know what it’s situation

I don’t see any issue with this path. What do you expect ?

The white line is the mission but yellow line is airplane’s path you see.

Other airplane follow white line exactly but it is not.

do you mean the long lines or the turns ?

I mean the Long line

And what is now your exact problem or question.
What do you mean with abnormal on the picture it looks quite not bad.
If you mean the offset between the white and yellow line, how much is it.
What GPS module is used and how is it placed on this aircraft and how is on the “other airplane”.
Are all settings on the two aircrafts identical?
All this we can’t read from your question and the picture.