Ability to Fly in a GPS-Free Environment

The helicopter I will develop is capable of flying without GPS data in its mission requirements. This ability plays a key role in the selection of the autopilot I will use. I am currently working on ArduPilot. But according to my research, I observed that ArduPilot is weak in flight without GPS. I am aware that I cannot obtain more information on this subject without advanced intervention. Therefore, I would like to get your opinions on this subject at the selection stage.

Thank you…

Compared to what ?

Ardupilot works with a large range of sensors and can perform in GPS denied environment using different localization systems based on Visual Odometry , Optical Flow , Beacons , Etc.

@ppoirier Excuse the mistakes in my question to my inexperience, but I haven’t come across any studies on estimating as a result of gps loss in outdoor flight. Thank you…

You are correct, there is not much documented used case of failover in case of GPS loss but nonetheless, it works as demonstrated here:

As for outoor flying based on Visual Odometry exclusively, this requires a level of automation that is much more complex as it requires highly optimized SLAM system adapted for particular terrain.


Thank you, I will continue to work on this.