A to B flight planning?

Usually all drone flights are A to A flights, in other words the drone always returns to it place of launch/home. But with missions like deliveries or similar using VTOL drones A to B flights are needed.

Is there a facility or method to plan a VTOL A to B flight where the landing site is far distant from the launch site?

The RTL/home point would need to change either half way or at a predetermined waypoint so that in the case of a RTL the drone would return to the nearest landing site A or B depending on it’s proximity.

Yes, all of that is supported. Just use two rally points, one at A one at B.

Thanks, so a take-off command at A and then a rally point and a land command at B? Or a take-off command and a rally point at A and a land command and rally point at B?

Rally points at A and B.
It can then take off at A or B , and land at A or B.
During fail-safe it will automatically fly to the closest rally point.

Thanks, the documentation says: Plane will then loiter at that location, and Copter will perform an automated landing there.

What will a VTOL do, also Loiter?

Great idea to use rally points for this purpose, how can I make it to autonomously take off to return home after it delivered the cargo?

Just create a mission, fly to the delivery point, deliver and come back home. If something along the way fails, it will either go to home, rally point A or Rally point B depending on which one is closest.