A strange FC issue

Hello friends, it’s been happening to me for the past two years, I would appreciate it if you could help me with this, where am I doing wrong? I added my LOG records. The problem is; During the normal FPV flight, around 14km, the plane suddenly switched to CIRCLE mode, then did RTL, and normally it was returning home, but I could not control it in any way, after a while, the altitude information and distance to home information were reset and it kept coming, then it crashed into one of the elevations on the land I was on. This event repeated for the second time and I couldn’t find the problem. I would appreciate it if you could help me. Thanks in advance…


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In log 24 RC Loss FS Short Action was triggered which at default will enter Circle mode. This cleared and re-engaged several times until Long Action was triggered to RTL.

So rc signal was lost eventually causing rtl, why then did it crash rather than return? Low battery?

I didn’t really look at that. Not sure what the above statement implies.

Hello everybody; we finally found the source of the problem; ESC turns itself off due to high current draw and opens again after a certain period of time, but for ESC to reactivate, it is necessary to reduce the throttle lever to zero and wait for about 10 seconds. It needs to wait, then it resumes its normal function. Thanks for your interest… Have a safe flight everyone. (Of course with ARDUPILOT :smiley:)