A separate radio controller for gimbal


Is it possible to have a separate RC transmitter for gimbal(3-axes) but only on receiver?

Like this:

Transmitter #1 works with channel 1 to 5
Transmitter #2 works with channel 6 to 8

As I understand here copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/camera … on_planner it is possible.

But I don’t understand the the physical transmission, as I understand there might be a problem between those two transmitter signals colliding, but is it true, if I configure the remote 1 to not use any other channel, and the same with remote 2, there should be no collision?

But if there is, if I use separate receivers, will that resolve the problem, I don’t see how, because does it matter , if the channels are used by one pair, can they be used by the second one too?

Thanks for all replays.

(about 5.8 Ghz I don’t see it as option, because I want FPV to be on 5.8, I have studied a lot about these frequencies, so I understand that using 2.4 for FPV will be very bad for controlling the multicopter as audio + video is very “thick” layer of signal, so I found that it is better to use 2.4 for controls and 5.8 for A/V FPV)

Usually you cannot use 2 transmitters to control one receiver with current 2.4GHz systems, because you have to bind the receiver to the transmitter. As soon as you bind it to another transmitter, it will not react to the first one any more.
The only thing you could try is either using 2 receivers also, which should work fine or you create some student-trainer setup, connecting the 2 transmitters with a trainer cable. But then you have a cable between the transmitters, which might be undesirable.

So I was wrong(I did not know about this authorization), if both receivers use the same channels it is OK, they
won’t bother each other, didn’t know that, thought it worked like FM radio, thanks for reply, very helpful :slight_smile:

2.4GHz radios also don’t use a channel system like the old FM systems. They use a big number of channels and jump between the channels very fast to be more resistant against interference.

But also with the old FM system, you can’t use 2 transmitters for the same receiver, because the transmitters will disturb each other and the receiver will just receive trash on bigger distances.

It is possible to use 2 Tx’s through one Rx on 2.4 if you use a buddy lead between the Tx’s.

Same as we use to train RC pilots and to fly FPV with head trackers, a buddy lead joins the Tx’s and one is the master while the other can be assigned to as many or as few channels as you like.

A few manufacturers have come out with cordless systems now between Tx’s

Or with the price and size of Rx’s these days just use a separate Rx with it’s own Tx.