A Real GPS problem Here

So Ive just got my first APM 2.6 with an external ublox Neo 6M and have had a horrible time. The HDOP values i am getting are always above 2 sometimes up to 5. I told the seller that it must be broken and he sent me a new one from china. (after a week) The new one gets HDOP of 1.8 sometimes allowing the APM to arm however shortly failsafe lands the Quad (HDOP back down). My DJI Phantom flys fine in the same areas which really frustrates me.

Of course before I assumed the GPS was broken, I reflashed it with U-Center making sure it had the right firmware. Ive been through every forum possible looking at different .txt config files. Some told me to leave the GPS on outside for an hour, no luck. The second GPS unit (which had intermittent HDOP values of 1.8) is now not even working. I pulled it (GPS) out and put it back in (To apm) and now u-center cannot read any data from it (although the green connection link flashes slowly in the software)

I really hope there’s a fix for this. Been fiddling with this for weeks now.

There has to be some with the same problem here? could it have something to do with the APM?

Sounds like a quality issue with the GPS units. Is the wiring all still intact?

Yes GPS unit is all soldered well. Im thinking something might not be soldered well on the apm? Im going to return it a get a complete new set.

Ok so I have bought another APM and GPS and i still get the same problem. Even when I am in an area with clear sky and an open field it still goes into failsafe after take off.

HDOP value 1.7…
about 8 satellites
DJI phantom flys fine
It just lands and says failsafe. (actually doesnt say anything but failsafe)
My quadcopter is made of foam
dt700 motors

Ive been on this problem for like 2 weeks does anyone here have any suggestions?

When it goes into failsafe does it land or do rtl. I thought if you had gps error then it would just land not do rtl.

Land, surely? if gps is down then rtl won’t work as it doesn’t know where it is and where to go.

Do you have any pics of the quad to show how you have all the equipment laid out?