A quick review of a few game controller form factor TXs

In order to pick our TX controller I tested 3 models I thought would work well for our project.

We decided on a gamepad style controller because the form factor is everywhere. Almost anyone can pick up one of these controllers and have some sense of them doing this before. The big transmitters are just too intimidating.

  1. Jumper T-Pro
  2. Frsky X-lite Pro
  3. Jumper T-Lite

Jumper T-Pro
This is the model I selected for V1 of the sUAS.


  • $100 USD price point
  • JP 4in1 module - This adds flexibility in the system for tons of other recievers.
  • The top row of buttons is AWESOME for progressing through missions.
    *EdgeTX has really polished up things and the voice pack is better.
    *Plenty of other buttons for all your other options.
  • 2 large batteries
  • The means a larger grip, better for my large hands. I feel like I have better control.
    *USB C


  • The plastic feels like 90’s tech

  • The right thumb wheel thingy sucks. It’s hard to get a straight down push without slipping

  • I wish they included more than 3 buttons for the menus but they work.

None of these Cons are worth getting upset over so the choice was easy. The right price with the right features.

FrSky X-lite Pro


  • Feels amazing in my hands, it’s got that soft touch plastic feel. Who knows how it will hold up.
  • The gimbals are the best, and the thumbstick texture I really like.
  • It has the best menu system of any controller I’ve used. I love the little joystick.
  • It’s a good sized controller as well for my larger hands, and if you get larger batteries the grips extend.
  • The button placement and number of button and switches is great.


  • It’s expensive, more than we were willing to pay
  • The single FrSky radio in it locks you to their ecosystem. You may as well add a JP4in1 module to the cart at the same time.
  • It’s micro-usb and our first plans had us connecting the controller to the PC. I saw it lasting a week in the field before it was unusable. (New Plans connect directly to the HM30 with a X8R hooked up)



  • The cheapest of the group
  • Jp4in1


  • Weird shape and a bit strange to hold
  • Not enough switches/buttons in the right places
  • Very inexpensive feeling and looks like the softtouch isn’t going to last.

All that being said, it’s a fine transmitter for its price point. If this is all you have for budget, you can feel good knowing that it should last with the hall gimbals.

I did adjust all 3 of the transmitters stick tension by taking them apart. It was simple on all 3 models and I was able to quickly figure out which screw I needed to twist.

Thanks for reading. =)