A question about MavLink versus R/C control of camera shutter

As I understand the wiki docs - a “trigger camera shutter” event in ArduPilot can have multiple inputs - and multiple outputs.

As inputs - either a MavLink command or a R/C channel signal can initiate the “trigger camera shutter” process.

As outputs - the “trigger camera shutter” can be configured to either operate a relay, or send a PWM signal out an Main or Aux port.

For a photogrammetry mission, the ArduPilot is controlling the “trigger camera shutter” process according to the mission parameters. I don’t know if MavLink is involved or not.

So here’s my question - for manual control from my HereLink, I have two choices. I can either configure a button to send a PWM signal out a channel (probably channel 7) - or use the Apps (Solex or QGC) functions for commanding the “trigger camera shutter.”

Which is better? Or what’s the advantages of either?

Right now I’m using an Aux port relay to activate my shutter. In bench testing, when I do the “toggle” button in the Mission Planner Relay/Servo screen, it activates the shutter pretty quickly. But when I right click on the Mission Planner map and choose the “Take Picture NOW” option - there a several second delay.

So I thought it might be worth digging into this a little bit to see what the best configuration options might be.

Thanks for any comments or insights.

In principle sending commands is more efficient than using whole RC channel. I would go with sending commands wherever you can. For example Herelink manual explicitly advises user not to use RC channel emulation for changing flight modes. User should use QGC or Solex to send mode change commands to FC.

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