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A new High-End GPS ZED-F9P unit

High-End GPS ZED-F9P unit is coming soon.

We are excited to test our first alpha prototype of the ZED-F9P and show the community that there is already available hardware that opens various possibilities.

This high-end GPS unit is a strong and highly sensitive with fully proprietary RF, designed for large unmanned vehicles and critical missions.

With this GPS forget the ugly and bulky external active antennas and it does even deep indoors.

It works as we designed it here in mRobotics and soon it will be available in the market



A little birdie had told me you folks were developing this! Cannoy wait yo try it out, have a cpl other units similar to this on order can’t wait to see how it performs. Love the ideaof integrated antenna.

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What’s the expected pricing for this?

Does this unit have integrated compass?

Can we know when it will be released ?

I believe the expected pricing for this unit will be 390 USD.

Last I had heard was there were a few minor cosmetic fixes to the silkscreen, but after that hopefully should be ready to be released!!! Cannot wait looks like a nice little unit!

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