A mistake in circle mode

Today I tried Mission planner simulation function. After selecting multirotor, MP downloaded SITL software and began running. I wanted to simulate Circle mode and the SITL did the requirement. But despite my expectation that roll angle remains almost stable, the roll angle was changing all the time the copter was circling. I’ve found that the copter’s nose instead of pointing to the circle center, it was pointed to another fixed direction. I think this is a mistake of the SITL, because it is defined clearly that the nose of the vehicle pointed at the center.

It depends on the YAW_BEHAVIOUR parameter and depends on the DO_SET_ROI command.

So … sorry it is not a bug.

Thank you for the reply. I’ve checked the WP_YAW_BEHAVIOUR parameter. It is 2, that means it points to the next waypoint, and DO_SET_ROI command also appears only in a mission. But in the simulation, I only took off, then changed mode to circle, I didn’t define any mission. I did the same with the real multicopter, and it behaves the way defined in circle mode, not like the way of the simulation.

Hi Amicar,
I think that what you said about the yaw may be true only if the copter is in a mission. If you select circle by mode switch, the nose should point to the center. I’ve tested this fact with a real quadcopter. So this is a bug of SITL, because it doesn’t simulate what the hardware does in the reality.