A logging bug and copter continues rising in poshold

LOG_BITMASK=397310 contains no pid information

Really needed the PID information for this log because I shot the hex into the air in stabilize and switched to poshold to descend, but the copter kept rising with pwm at 1400… I’m guessing this is due to an i-gain such as ACCEL_Z_I, but can’t confirm and I’m afraid to try it again. I’ve set ACCEL_Z_I and ACCEL_Z_IMAX to 0 in the meantime. Poshold works great any other time.

Just use the checkboxes on the Standard Parameters Screen and select what you want and ignore the bitmask value. That’s what I do anyway and it logs what I want. But if you do make the selections you want maybe 401406 is right.

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thx for that tip… pid was checked tho… I changed some boxes and ended up with 327678 and this worked perfect

So I think this log bug was a result of switching from quad to hex and not resetting the firmware. Loaded rover, then back to hex and the myriad of problems I had went away.

Not sure why when someone switches frames the firmware is overwritten regardless. I think that would solve many issues posted.