A little throwback to our early days: Back in 2012 James May made a show about flying an ArduPilot glider across the English Channel

Back then we were all pretty stoked to see Mission Planner and an APM on TV

An Aerial Deployed Unmanned Autonomous Glider for Cross-Channel Flight
Mark Jabbal


I used to glide at North Hill, just over the fence really from Dunkewell and then my first RAF base was Chivenor where we used to regularly fly over Lundy and we often drank in Ilfracombe so all in all very happy memories of that area.

A great show, well worth watching. James starts with his childhood experiences building and flying balsa gliders, and ends with a thrilling real-life engineering project that includes ArduPilot.
James obviously has a real love for flying, this was a great way to show it.