A good tablet for Tower/droid planner?

So can any droid tablet with the newest android os successfully be used to run tower for your ground station. Is it necessary for the tablet to have an internet connection? will tower work better with the internet connected? map updates, etc. does it even need to have gps capability? or just a mini usb connection for the mavlink?

I went on ebay and bought a 7" android 5.0 quad core tablet for $40. The RCA Voyager II. My understanding is that tower will run on any android tablet of version 4.1 or later.It has worked great for Tower. Just plug the usb 3dr radio telem. master into a micro usb adapter which plugs into the android tablet. In fact, it works so well that I’m thinking about buying a few cheap used unlocked android phones that can run Tower and essentially use them as follow me beacons. Not sure how using multiple ground station at once is going to work out, but we’ll see.

Tower is very impressive considering it being run on a mobile platform, but it would be really nice to see some of the more basic utility functions that could be immensely helpful in situations that require you to wipe the board and rest to default values. If I were to go out flying today and only brought my tablet with me, such a situation would end up meaning it’s time to go home and run the setup wizard from the start. I did notice that tower has an accelerometer calibration. I haven’t come across a compass calibration within the mobile app.

Good question.

An important aspect for me is screen visibility. Typical tablets have highly reflective screens or is simply too dim to use outside.

I wonder if someone has discovered a practical GC tablet?