A funny think happened this morning doing an Auto Tune

I like to fly in the morning because there is very little wind. I arm the copter and brought it up to a height in Stabilize mode and then switched to Altitude Hold. The copter then started to climb very quickly so I switched back to Stabilize Mode.
I thought what’s going on here now. So I tried it again and now the copter suddenly started to fall to the ground.
After trying it a couple of time I finally realized that I didn’t put the foam piece back for my Barometer.
So I watched it and sure enough as it went into the shadow of a tree the copter would start to climb until it reached the sun light and then would suddenly start to fall back down and then repeat the hole process again. Up and down up and down. I guess the barometer is very sensitive to sun light even though it is not mounted on the top of the flight controller. The PixRacer has it towards the front left side and I have been putting a piece of foam over it to block the sun light.

Oh what fun.

I never did get that auto tune finished.


Figure an APM with baro upside, uncovered and no case, four years ago (not knowledge too), the first copter that I fly it was like a rocket when you switched to alt hold :open_mouth: LOL
Lot of progress up to now in firmware, hardware and nice instructions :smiley:

Thanks again for testing and reporting back.
I’ve had a look at your logs and it generally looks fine except that there are large number of events logged in which the yaw is reset. I’ve asked Paul Riseborough if he can help me explain what’s going on.

How do I download the log? I can’t see a link to it in my browser.

Oh darn. I’ve been replying in the wrong thread. ignore what’s above. I’ll repost in the correct issue.