A Few Questions

1)Which of these circles do you think draws a faster and better circle? (spline waypoints are not smooth at all :frowning: )


2)So which of these ways would the drone be faster?


  1. Finally, i am using pixhawk 4 gps. can i set the wp radius parameter to 150cm or lower it to be more sensitive?

1&2) The least amount of Waypoints to describe the circle will be the fastest I think. It’s much better now with S-curves in this regard but I still think that’s true.
3) You can set it to 150cm but it will likely make no practical difference because the GPS you are using can’t resolve that anyway.

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We have a waypoint for flying in circles.


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The option described by Peter is the best

Just a comment here. There are several members here competing in Turkey’s TEKNOFEST and essentially have the goal of flying missions, and dropping payload, in a very restricted area as fast as possible. Very cool to see Arducopter in the mix! I have flown some of the types of missions they need but not this circle mission and it was reported that LOITER_TURNS was very slow relative to a multiple waypoint mission whether it’s Spline or not. I’ve run these in the Simulator and seen the same thing generally.

I’m asking to make sure what I have in mind, in my second question, the turn with the waypoint will be faster thanks to the S-curve, right?

but when I tested it didn’t work, the drone rotated 360 degrees around its axis.

Update to 4.1.0-rc1 or wait for 4.1.0.

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It works. You have to include the radius argument on the mission command 3rd column.

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