A few questions about the programme

Hi I have recently started using QGroundControl and have some questions about the program.

I am looking for information regarding the appropriate outputs for a particular configuration. Do any of you know where to find such information?

I am also interested in whether it is safe to upload firmware to, for example, VTOL on a Pix32 v6. Does anyone have any experience of this?

Another point I would like to ask is whether it is possible to configure the aircraft with two engines. Is there an option to do this via a splitter on one PWM output, or is it better to configure a controller with two outputs?

I’m also recently wondering where I can find information on unidentified configurations. [UFO image]

Does any of the configurations support the tiltrotor?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help.

Lots of questions, most of them unrelated to each other.
Further information are needed at all, but anyway, for first time setup, please read this documentation:
For first time setup, Mission Planner will work better. Be sure that you load into your FC the latest stable release of ArduPilot Software (not clear yet for me if you want to build a VTOL or another kind of vehicle).

I’m not sure if this screen you sent would appear with Ardupilot SW, maybe your FC has PX4 SW loaded, double check it.

Both will work, but I don’t know if there is any good practice related to it, further detail will be needed.