A bum quanum nova? it won't arm

Hi Folks,
Got a PNF Qunum Nova from our buddies at hobby king. I have Spektrum DX6i along with a AR600 receiver. As instructed by the video done by Chris at hobby king i installed mission planner, updated nothing, went through the setup. My DX6i does not have a 3 position switch but someone online showed how to Mix another switch to allow 6 different switches. Calibrated the radio and compass (seemed a little non-precise but it said it was ok). But the motors appear to fail to arm. The red LED lights just flashes red. I tried to move the right stick (non-throttle) to the right after plugging in the battery in hopes to see the red turn orange/yellow but no joy. Is something wrong out of the box? Seems like some people received a bum nova and returned to HK and all was good. Any thoughts on how to get this baby to arm (if that is what the problem really is)?
Thanks for any help you can provide.