9XR/Frsky/PPM help needed

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure this all out and was hoping to do so without asking here but I’ve failed miserably!

First the Problem: Can’t get the stick movements on transmitter to mach the correct channel order. Rudder is on right stick no matter what I set the transmitter to.

What I’ve tried:
Tried setting the channels in the mix template screen of the 9Xr (found a document that say’s Pixhawk requires AETR but I’ve tried every combination)

Set all my screens based on this recommendation: http://kiloohm.com/turnigy-9xr-apm-arducopterarduplane-radio-settings/

Checked hookup of the 4-in-1 ESC to ensure correct motor signals correspond with Pixhawk Diagram

Made sure my FrSky D4R-II receiver is jumpered between channel 3 & 4 and checked to ensure it’s bound correctly to the tranmitter and that it’s in PPM mode.

I’m using the following equipment:

4-in-1 ESC (opto)
Frsky DJT module with D4R-II receiver
Turnigy 9XR transmitter

Not sure if I have a transmitter that won’t let me map the channels correctly (is there a way to check if they actually sent em a mode 2 transmitter?) or if I’m missing something simple. If anyone has any guidance please let me know,


I think I’ve got it figured out, seems the transmitter came set to mode 1 rather than mode 2 in the general setup (why a mode 2 transmitter would come setup in the software as mode 1 I’ll never know).

So I’ll go through the calibration again in Mission Planner to see if it fixes the problem.

Thanks for posting your solution

I’m so glad I found this.
Like santiago said thanks for posting this! I’ve been having trouble arming my copter and realise my mode 2 9XR was also set to mode 1 in the radio setup. This is something I would never have even thought of!