962100 Baud Connection

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How are you guys?
I am posting this topic since I have stuck with my project.
Currently I am trying to get IMU messages at over 100Hz from Pixhawk.
My connection between the pixhawk and an ARM based board computer is USB connection.
MicroUSB port which is located at the side of the Pixhawk is the terminal port that I’ve used with.
So far no luck.
I successfully obtained 115200 baud rate connection and 25Hz data stream rate; however, I couldn’t change the baud rate to 962100 in order to increase data stream rate. SERIAL0_BAUD option in APM planner2 seems not working; besides, I changed all three SERIAL0/1/2_BAUD parameters to 962100, and it didn’t work either.
In Mission Planner, it even does not have 962100 baud option in the list, it seems only supporting up to 115200.
Any idea? If there’s Someone had over 100Hz IMU or any messages from Pixhawk, please share the experiences with me to get through this problem.
Thank you in advance.
Good day.

In the standard parameter section of APM planner(not mission planner), there’s the parameters for serial1/2, and you can change the baud rate there. Connection established with 921600!!! However, still I’ve not gotten over 100Hz IMU data. Pixhawk still emits 25Hz IMU data.
I am looking into the arducopter source code now, when I fix the problem, I will let you guys know about that.

I solved the problem.

If you want to get 100Hz IMU data stream from Pixhawk, you have to change ArduCopter.pde source file.
In other words, you have to build sources and upload it to the Pixhawk.

In the file, you can find the following line.
{ gcs_data_stream_send, 8, 950 },

8 should mean 50Hz for PX4 board, but it actually emits data with 25Hz.
So simply change the number 8 to 2, then you get 100Hz.
{ gcs_data_stream_send, 2, 950 },

I am not sure it is fundamental solution; however, it works for me.
If you have any comment or possible reasoning, please let me know.
I will close this posting as solved tho.