915MHz telemetry radio antenna... replacement options?

I have been using a couple of 915MHz “SiK” telemetry radios for my autonomous drone project. The antennas on these are super fragile. The one on the drone broke at the joint on a hard landing the other day. I managed to put it together using a steel wire clip, as seen below, but I am basically just counting the days until it will break again.

Does anyone know what other 915MHz antennas can be used for these radios that are a bit more durable?

  • Can ELRS “Moxon” antennas be used (although those are directional)?
  • Can Crossfire “Immortal” T antennas be used?
  • Are there any other designs with a flexible base for 915MHz, like the omni 5.8GHz antennas we use for FPV video?


…and “fixed” (for now):


I have used this with good results;915mhz



Excellent, thank you

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Alright, I tried three different antennas at the GCS, and this one seems to result in the highest RSSI when oriented properly at the GCS and used in conjunction with a dipole omni antenna on the aircraft. This is the BetaFPV 915MHz Moxon antenna. I would not use it on the aircraft though, since it’s directional.


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