915 telemetry module source wanted

Hi all.
I need a new 914 telemetry module for my 3DR Pixhawk. I see 3DR no longer sells them so can anybody suggest where I can get one with the plugs that will fit a 3DR Pixhawk.? Are they still the same or have they changed shape, hence I haven’t recognised one when I saw it?
Look forward to any and all replies.

This page lists a bunch of Radios
I personally can strongly recommend the RFD900’s but they are a litte more expensive.
Otherwise there are plenty of clones of the 3DR ones available on HobbyKing and Banggood etc.
Thanks, Grant.

Phil, take a look at jDrones. There is both SiK modems and also long-range RFD based modem sets. jDrones is one of the official supporter of ArduPilot project too.


Thank you guys. I have some thinking to do.