700-class helicopter

Hello everyone, I want to use a 700-helicopter for primary flight training. The adjustment is currently completed and the flight conditions are ideal.
I would like to ask your help to look at the test flight log and see if there are any unfinished parts.
This is also the first time for me to adjust so many items. I am afraid that some omissions or negligence may cause injury to the pilot.

Hi @Wade-Hong ,
first of all welcome!
I would suggest to increase your rotor speed (1100 rpm is a bit too slow for a 700), based on your parameter setup looks like you are pulling around 9 degrees of collective pitch just for hovering, so poor collective authority and dangerous to fly (hitting the limits of collective travel):

Aim at an headspeed of 1300rpm for your current weight.

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Thank you for your suggestion, I will try to increase the power speed again
The motor is 350KV and currently has about 78% power activated.

Hello @Wade-Hong, usually 700 size helicopter motors have around 500 kV. I think you should consider a different pinion for your motor (if it could be installed, I don’t know the X7) or a motor with more kV.

HI @beska
Indeed, this is a rather special machine, modified by GAUI.
To use the larger battery, there is nearly 30 minutes of flight time

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Hello Ferruccio,

can you tell me which logging parameter you have represented with this graph. What is this parameter called? I can not see it in the picture, which you have posted.

Thanks for your answer

Hi Heri,
it’s the CTUN.ThO value from the log, representing collective position (range 0-1).

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